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Syllabus This introduces the class, lists the reading, and describes the structure of the course assessment.

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Course projects This course is project based. There is a group project and an individual report.

Group project

Project - Part I here

Project Part II - mid-term

Project Part III - final

Individual report

Individual report

Topical issue

Group topical issue brief here

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Getting Ahead   Project examples Here are some examples of the mid-term, final and topical issue presentations. How will yours be better?
topical issue example report mid-term example presentation mid-term example report final
example final presentation
Getting Seen   Photos Photos of previous classes.
Getting Feedback  

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Feedback Below are your projects with my feedback. Please e-mail me if you have comments or questions.

Country choice

Ja Ba Ba.pdfKrusty Krab.pdf
LAP.pdfMickey Mouse Club House.pdf
Mogu Mogu.pdfSky Castle.pdf
Wall Street Winners.pdfWhite paper.pdf
Wrong direction.pdf


G11_LosAngeles.mp4Ja Ba Ba.pdf
Krusty Krab.pdfLAP.pdf
Mickey Mouse Club House.pdfMogu Mogu.pdf
Presentation tips.pptxSky Castle.pdf
Wall Street Winners.pdfWhite Paper.pdf
Wrong direction.pdf

Getting Class Materials  

Reading and other materials See here for class reading and other material found here.

Week 1


Week 3

IM-1 IM-2
IM-3 Reading_week_3.pdf

Week 4

C2 1_sub.mp4 C2 2_sub.mp4
C2 3_sub.mp4 C2 4_sub.mp4
C2 5_sub.mp4 C2 6_sub.mp4
C2-1.mp4 C2-2.mp4
C2-3.mp4 C2-4.mp4
C2-5.mp4 C2-6.mp4

Week 5

IM_coffee.pdf IM_hand-tools.pdf

Week 7

C6-1 Information systems and research.mp4 C6-2 Marketing Information Systems.mp4
C6-3 Sources of market information.mp4 C6-4 Searching for information.mp4
C6-5 Showing the source of your information.mp4 C6-6 Steps in formal marketing research process.mp4
C6-7 Summary.mp4

Week 11

Week 12

C7_1 Segmenting.mp4 C7_2 Approach to segmenting.mp4
C7_3 Targeting.mp4 C7_4 Positioning.mp4

Week 13

10-1 Product decisions.mp4 10-2 Product decisions.mp4
10-3 Product decisions.mp4 10-4 Product decisions.mp4
10-5 Product decisions.mp4

Week 14

12-1 Global marketing channels.mp4 12-2 Global marketing channels.mp4
12-3 Global marketing channels.mp4

Week 15

C11-1 Pricing decisions.mp4 C11-2 Price floor.mp4
C11-3 Price ceilling.mp4 C11-4 environmental influences.mp4
C11-5 Pricing strategies.mp4 C11-6 Grey marketing and dumping.mp4
C11-7 Summary.mp4
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