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James online class

Class example 1

Student presentations

Presentation example 1

Online class  
Equipment Simple but important instructions. You cannot use open speakers. Earphones are essential!

equipment information

Using Skype This program lets you test your webcam and audio settings. You can do this off and online. You should test before class.

Using Skype

Virtual classroom Note the instructions on using and adjusting audio.

In the virtual classroom

Participating online. Online meetings and class are different from face-to-face contact. Here are some simple ideas to improve the way you participate online.

Participating effectively online

General class information  
Grading An overview of my approach to grading.

Grading approach

Templates for class To make it easy for you to give feedback to peers I have created a template and instructions.

Template for MS Word

Instructions for using the template

Class layout Where possible I like to create a layout to help groups participate in class.

Principles for setting up the room

Using technology for study and researchResources for seminar on using technology for study and research

Document for formatting

Figure 1 for format exercise

Figure 2 for format exercise

Figure 3 for format exercise

Table for format exercise

Research resources  
Using FTP For backup and sharing resources you need to use an FTP programme. Here is an introduction to Filezilla.

Introduction to Filezilla

Xsight This qualitative software package is simpler than its complex sister programme NVIVO. Here is an introduction to running queries.

Queries in Xsight

Other resources Professor Warden has multiple resources on use of NVIVO, ZMET interviews, using VISIO.
Using Zotero Here is a guide for installing Zotero

Plugin for newer Word